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Tips on How to Increase Penis Size

If the size of the penis is less than the average, this fact can easily cause self-doubt, cause stress, and even depression. Moreover, the myth that it is impossible to satisfy a woman with a small sexual organ only aggravates a deep psychological problem in a man, becoming a source of serious complexes.

That is why more than 60% of men at least once thought about how to increase penis size at home and what you need to do for this. It is important to understand that the concept of size should take into account both length and girth.

Men should remember that there is no strict norm on the length of the genital and in many respects, this indicator is determined by the genetic characteristics of the organism. In this case, if the length of the penile during an erection is less than 8 cm, then this is considered a deviation from the norm.

Most means to increase the length of the penis are aimed at increasing the flow of blood to the genitals, due to what it will seem more. Also, some of them increase the erection and contribute to the development of testosterone, which positively affects the sexual function of a man.

Penis Appearance

The glans of the penis are the first targets that become pale because of reduced blood flow. The second target is pubic hair. Although the first jolt is a bit frightening, the second should not bother you much.

You may lose on the size front but appearance can be deceptive.  On the other hand, you can actually make it look bigger by reducing your body fat.

Men can become distorted around the belly as time goes by. The male organ then may be blocked or hidden completely. Trim your belly and you increase penis size, at least in appearance. And you will add some jump to your stride in the process.

It is unclear how much men lose in penile size as they get old, but it is certain that they lose about half an inch as time goes by. This is caused by a blockage in the arteries that provide the blood. This is called atherosclerosis, and it’s the same process that can cause blockages in the coronary arteries and cause a heart attack.

Additionally, a slow build-up of inelastic collagen (scar tissue) in the fibrous sheath in the region of erection chambers could also reduce penile blood flow. When you combine this factor with clogged arteries, then the penis size can definitely get shorter.

Penile Curvature

In middle-aged men, Peyronie’s disease can even make the penis curved. This happens generally in middle age and could make erections and intercourse quite painful. In some cases, surgery might be needed.

The Most Popular Devices and Techniques To Increase Penis Size

There are various available solutions for all of these issues. Before you increase the size, which really matters if it is significantly below average, it is recommended that a man familiarize himself with the most commonly used enlargement techniques.

Male Enlargement Devices

You can use a penile enlarger device that fits around the penis and corrects length and curvature issues, by applying gentle pressure on it for some months.

Penis extenders employ traction, to stimulate cell mitosis within the penile tissue. Peyronie’s disease and penis shortening can both be cured by the penile extenders.

You have to be consistent with the penis extender device because its work is best for a long period, usually several months. People often find it hard to wear them for so long but they generally do not have much sensation aside from some hanging sensation. But remember to choose such a device whose material does not cause rashes or bruises on the skin, as this is a very important process. Very often for these purposes, doctors recommend using a clinically proven ProExtender Penile Enlarger because it works effectively and has no side effects.

You cannot just blindly add inches to your existing size and you should remember this when you use a male enlargement device. Your expectations should match those of the extenders themselves so that you avoid disappointment along the way.

Penile Vacuum Pumps

Today, penile vacuum pumps can help to increase the length of the penis, up to about 2 inches. They are also used for medical purposes to improve sexual stamina, treat Peyronie’s disease and increase self-confidence.

For a long time, penile pumps have been very popular in the medical world. These devices helped men who had problems with small male reproductive organs and with the achievement of an erection. Initially, these penile vacuum pumps were designed as air vacuum penis pumps.

However, more effective and safe are recognized vacuum penis pumps that are water-based. Water pumps are modern devices that work by creating negative water pressure. Unlike conventional vacuum models, the male organ does not come into contact with discharged air. This helps to avoid any injuries.

At present Bathmate Hydro Pumps are popular in the market and are recommended for use because these devices not only increase the size but also help to fight erectile dysfunction.


This technique of “growing” a member is considered very ancient. According to some reports, Indians and Africans used the technique. The technique of jelqing consists in the performance of certain massage movements resembling milking. Such therapy is very popular and has proved itself only on the positive side.

The method will bring success with strict adherence to rules and the use of lubricant. Do not use unsuitable products such as soap or shampoo. “Milking” is performed with the erect penis condition by no more than 75%. During the massage, you need to use OK-capture. This means that the thumb and index finger should be connected to each other. In this position, they grasp the male organ.

4 Steps To The Basic Jelq

The technique is to perform a whole complex of movements aimed at elongating and thickening the penis. The goal of jelqing is to increase blood circulation in the genitals, fill the cavernous bodies, due to which the penis grows. Two months of training will significantly increase the size and number of cells in the tissues of the male reproductive organ. Accordingly, during sexual intercourse, they will receive more blood, and therefore the penis will become larger.


This variant of penis enlargement is considered to be the most simple, accessible, and enjoyable. To perform massage on the genital, you must first apply massage oil. This will moisturize the skin, and prevent it from damaging the skin during the procedure.

Massage not only increases the length and girth but also favorably acts the potency and sexual possibilities. This method does not require additional adaptations. The effect is due to the improvement of blood microcirculation in masculine tissues:

The main thing is the correct execution of the technique. Following the recommendations prevents injuries, and contributes to greater success.

Before the massage, it is necessary to warm up the genital organ by wrapping it with a towel soaked in warm water.
Wait a few minutes, repeat the procedure two more times. The effect will increase significantly after such a warming compress. The blood flow will increase, and the skin will be stretched better.

There are various ways of massage that can help to increase male organ size. Some stimulate the erect penis, others act on the relaxed condition.

Taking Supplements

Top-quality, all-natural male enhancement supplements like VigRX Plus can get you the results you want. And all you have to do is swallow two small capsules per day. And you’ll experience – almost immediately – harder, larger erections… enhanced stamina, and sex drive, and you’ll be able to better control premature ejaculation.

And the manufacturer of this product guarantees that if you haven’t seen the results you’re seeking after 67 days, you won’t have to pay a penny.


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