Just In… VigRX Plus Human Clinical Study! Outstanding Results!

Here’s a summary of the VigRX Plus Clinical Study conducted by research organization Vedic Lifesciences Pvt.

Working researchers

The purpose of the VigRX Plus clinical study was to determine the safety and effect of these pills on male sexual health and erectile dysfunction.

Here’s an evaluation of the efficacy results.

VigRX Plus Clinical Study1. The study showed a 63% increase in the male’s ability to maintain an erection during sex, which is a major challenge affecting males of all age groups. Subjects reported an improvement of 63% in erection control (compared to the placebo) after using VigRX Plus for 84 days.

2. Subjects reported a 60% increase in their ability to penetrate their mate.
The partners of the subjects also reported the same level of satisfaction after the test was over. But the placebo subjects indicated there was a decrease in satisfaction during the same test period.

3. Test subjects reported a 23% increase in the number of orgasms they experienced, which means those who took VigRX Plus achieved an orgasmic rate that was 23% higher than their counterparts who took the placebo.

4. Subjects reported their sexual drive and desire increased by 46%.
This is very important because it indicates that using VigRX Plus could possibly produce better results than prescription medications.

That’s because the major focus of prescription medication is to enhance the quality of the erection, with no real impact on increasing the male sexual desire. And that means that those who take prescription pills are able to get a firm erection, but might not be able to reach the height of desire that would make the sexual act a satisfying experience.

5. Subjects reported 71% more satisfaction during sexual intercourse.
Those who took VigRX Plus for 84 days said their satisfaction during the sexual act improved by 71% over those who used the placebo, who reported only a 12% increase. In other words, those who took this pill experienced a greater level of satisfaction that was nearly six times higher during sex than those in the placebo group.

6. Test subjects reported an increase of 61% in overall sexual satisfaction.

When the studies ended, those who took VigRX Plus pills said they experienced an increase of 61% in overall sexual satisfaction, while the placebo group said their overall level of sexual satisfaction actually decreased!

Noteworthy Fact: This study was considered a “Double-Blind Study.” That is, both the researchers and the doctors who recorded the results did not know whether they were in the VigRX Plus group or the placebo group. It was designed this way to assure there was no bias in reporting the results.


Order VigRX Plus PillsVigRX Plus showed there was a very significant level of improvement in the quality of the male erection, sexual satisfaction, and sexual desire, as reported by both the subject and their sex partner. That’s according to the International Index of Erection Function, who compared it to the placebo group over a 12-week period.

According to the researches, VigRX Plus pills achieved excellent results in this first human study of its kind in this product category. And this shows that this pill is indeed a leader when it comes to aiding males in the treatment of erectile dysfunction with a non-prescription product.

The Results of The Triple-Blind Study

Furthermore, as shown a triple-blind study positive results were obtained in most cases. This absolutely eliminates any doubts and are any prejudices. Information on these positive results after the end of the studies has been published in peer-reviewed and reputable scientific journals.