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VigRX Plus Discount Packages

On the page of the presented packages on the official website, you can choose any of the 7 offered packages. Your discount depends on the number of boxes you order. The more boxes you buy in one order, the cheaper it gets and the bigger savings you can enjoy.

For example, if you buy the most popular package for a 3-month supply. Then you get 3 boxes for $179 instead of $269.97, which means you will save $90.97. A unique code for an additional discount of $ 17.90 will be applied automatically on the same checkout page.

Additionally, when buying a 3-month supply or more You will also receive FREE Global Shipping. (Save $29.66)

VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Supplement

If you want to order a year’s supply, that is, 12 boxes then you will get the best price per box deal. This is the best value. Namely, you are getting 12 boxes of VigRXPlus for $589.99 instead of $1,079.88 and save $490.88. But using the discount code you will receive an additional savings of $ 58.90 and your final supply price will be $530.10.

In addition, with an annual package, you will receive 3 free bonus gifts worth more than $225.00 in the form of 1 bottle of Semenax Sperm Volume Pills, VigRX Reward Dollars Card, Natural Health Source Gift Card plus FREE Global Shipping.

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Most Popular Package. Order Buy 3 packs of VigRX Plus at a low price. Valid in 3 month supply, that is 3 boxes or more. Subtotal $179.00, Discount - $17.90, Total $161.10, SAVE $90.97

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Gold Package. Order Buy 6 packs of Vig RX Plus at a low price. Valid on 6 month supply, that is six boxes or more. Subtotal $329.00, Discount - $32.90, Total $296.10, SAVE $210.94 Additional FREE Bonuses - Erection Fitness Website Subscription, and Semenax Sperm Volume Enhancer Pills

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Platinum Package. Order Buy 12 packs of Vig RX Plus Pills at a low price. Valid on 12-month supply, that is 12 boxes or more. Subtotal $589.00, Discount - $58.90, Total $530.10, SAVE $490.88, Additional FREE Bonuses - Erection Fitness Website Subscription, and Semenax Sperm Volume Enhancer Pills.

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Reasons To Purchase Only at the Official Website

1. Completely natural product. VigRXPlus is made from natural ingredients only, therefore it is harmless and has no side effects. Articles about this product have been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

2. Guaranteed authenticity. Only by buying from the site of the direct manufacturer can you get a real and genuine VigRX Plus supplement. On Amazon, eBay, and other online markets, there is the likelihood of buying a cheap fake.

3. Money-back guarantee. Your order comes with a full 67-day money-back guarantee. If you bought this herbal product from the manufacturer and did not get the desired results, you are entitled to a full refund.

4. Value for money. This is perhaps one of the best reasons that justify the purchase of a quality natural product VigRXPlus for the appropriate money. When ordering directly from the manufacturer, you can take advantage of the best prices and discount offers.

5. Your privacy is protected. You receive your order in plain unmarked packaging, where no one will ever see, understand or recognize what is inside.

6. No shipping delays. Your order will be immediately processed and sent by express mail within 48 hours from the time an order is placed online.

7. Free shipping. If you order 3 boxes or more, you get free delivery of goods. This is a great opportunity.

8. Money-Saving Deals.  No matter which package you choose, you get a great deal to save money. By choosing a Gold or Platinum package you can save a few hundred dollars.

Do not forget that the unique VigRX Plus promo code VPLUS10 will be applied automatically and act starting from three months of supply and above. This is your great way to save an extra 10%.

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