Even though you may think an erection comes first in being sexually able, Leading Edge Herbals knows well enough that the story is far from over. That’s why with the introduction of the pill-based herbal product called VigRX Plus, you have at your arsenal an all-round supplement that enables you to be healthy sexually as well as enjoy the pleasure associated with the act itself. Use it continuously and you will find that VigRX Plus works fine by improving and increasing the distribution of blood flow in your genitals. And it is a natural answer to all your sexual health needs.

Penis AnatomyThe action of VigRX Plus is based on a correct and optimal ie the necessary and sufficient blood supply to your penis. In the male penis, there are two cylinders known as the Corpora Cavernosa (the figure shows like A and B) that become engorged with blood when the brain sends the signals of having it being sexually aroused and this process causes an erection. And that is what causes the penis to become erect. As you get older, the ability of the Corpora Cavernosa to fill with blood when aroused decreases.

Scientists have shown in clinical tests that the tissue of the Corpora Cavernosa gets larger and works better when certain natural ingredients are introduced. This knowledge led to the discovery of VigRX Plus, an all-natural herbal pills that contain high-quality ingredients in the right amounts. All these ingredients work to enhance your penis with maximum effect.

Another new ingredient known as Bioperene® has been added to already existing very popular in the market VigRX pills. This ingredient was proved in U.S. Clinical Studies to increase the rate of absorption of all nutrients that are mixed with it.

The ability of the corpus cavernosum to fill with blood during excitation and is a natural constraint on the size of the penis. However, VigRX Plus herbal ingredients can increase the volume of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

VigRX Plus increases blood flow to the penis, making erections better and more lasting. Thus there is an increase in the size of the penis in a state of erection. The correct composition of herbal ingredients helps to prolong sexual intercourse, increase sexual activity and endurance.

In more simple terms, Bioperine® caused well-known VigRX to be more effective, which led to the introduction of the improved formulation of VigRX Plus pills. That’s why this male enhancement product is now the gold standard when it comes to judging male sexual penis enhancement products. No other male enhancement pills come close to the effectiveness of VigRX Plus pills.

VigRX Plus works for erection of the penisWhen VigRX Plus works, blood vessels can hold more blood and this directly translates into the penis becoming longer and harder as well, and this means better sexual pleasure. It doesn’t matter whether the size of your penis is small, average or exceptional, this product makes sure that there are always inches added to your existing size when there is an erection and it really means something.

Thus, VigRX Plus enables your penis to become stronger and harder than ever before no wonder your sensations will be magnified to a whole new level. This means a magnification in the senses of every touch or stroke. And you don’t need to fret over premature ejaculation and other things, because you will be having the time of your life. All this culminates into an explosive orgasm.

Another powerful ingredient called Muira Puama is the wonder extract used in this natural supplement, and you be assured of a cure for your libido when you use VigRX Plus. People who have used the product have marveled at the beauty and amazing nature of the effectiveness of the pill, and more than 63.5% of reports confirm that their libido is improved.

You don’t need to guess which herbs will work and which will not for your sexual arousal and the act itself, because VigRX Plus combines the best parts of all of them to create a compelling product.

Manufacturers recommend taking 2 pills on a daily basis and do not exceed the dosage to more than 4 pills on a 24-hour long period. You can take these during meals and it is always wise to consult a doctor before joining a course.

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